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For the Bookworm:
The Book Thing is a quaint yet brilliant free bookstore near John Hopkins Campus in Baltimore, Maryland, The Book Thing was established in 1999 by Russell Wattenberg, a bartender who decided to create this wonderful space after overhearing local teachers complain about the lack of reading materials for underprivileged students.
Run entirely by volunteers, The Book Thing has strict policies about taking books from the store – absolutely no money can be paid, not even a cent, for anything that is on the shelves of the library. Visitors can take as many as up to 150,000 volumes each day, but, in no way, they can resell or pay for the books.

For the Nature Lover:
The Ladew Topiary Gardens in Monkton, Maryland, were carefully crafted in the 1930s by Harvey S. Ladew, a rich huntsman of his time. Designed as per Ladew’s wishes, the garden has 15 sections, each dedicated to special creations. The grounds are further decorated with pools, fountains, and are encircled by shaped and trimmed shrubbery formations.
The gardens, as well as Ladew’s house, is open for visitors who wish to know more about the rich man’s passion for hunting and his interesting life.

For the Aviation and History Buffs:
College Park Aviation Museum
Dubbed as the “cradle of aviation”, the Airport and Museum are known to have created several histories in the world of aviation. Numerous replicas and original aircrafts are part of the museum display, including a glider and Model B aircraft designed by the Wright brothers.
In 1909, the U.S. Department of War assigned Wilbur Wright to oversee the creation of College Park Airport. The military used this facility for designing aircrafts. Wilbur used the same facility to train the first official military pilots, Frederic Humphreys and Frank Lahm. Civil flights started flying from the College Park Airport since 1911, and the facility has been functional ever since.

For the Art Lover:
Graffiti Alley is hidden behind the Motor House, L-shaped alley in the States North Arts and Entertainment District of Baltimore serves as an ever-rotating outdoor art gallery of self-expression for local artists. Vibrant colors cover every square inch of the walls (and even the trash cans). Owned by the Graffiti Warehouse, this urban Baltimore gem makes a marvelous Instagram photoshoot backdrop.

For the Beach Goer:
Matoaka Beach. It’s not too difficult to find a beach in Maryland, whether you’re seeking one that’s lakeside, bayside, or on the ocean. However, it’s the little known beaches that feel the most magical. Matoaka Beach is hidden, but no less beautiful than the rest. Leave the crowds behind and take a journey to this Maryland gem. This Southern Maryland gem is located off the beaten path and it’s so worth finding. Discover fossils, including shark teeth, for a step back in time paired with sprawling water views.


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