GIT USA imports and distributes special kosher, gourmet, health foods and natural/organic products to some of the best kosher and gourmet supermarkets and stores in the North East.

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My name is Robby Lasman and together with my wife and best partner Tzippi, we own G.I.T USA Inc.

We started with an idea to sell unique gourmet kosher and natural products. We were trying to locate small to medium sized food manufacturers who made unique foods.

After few visits to the US, I decided to relocate to the US with my wife and our 3 lovely daughters so that we can sell the products we had directly to the retailers. We had a small budget when we started and no support or financial backing from any entity. It was me and my wife Tsippi who did all the hard work of introducing new products into the very competitive US food markets.

CLICK HERE to read the article written about us in “Israel My Glory” May/June 2013

Today, we sell our products at some of the best supermarkets and gourmet stores in the East Coast.

We are proud to say that we did it all ourselves. With a little luck and a lot of faith, hard work, devotion, and persistence we were able to push our products to some of the best retailers in the US. With Internet becoming a major media of commerce we developed our web site with the hope to reach more and more consumers in the US and around the globe.

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