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The Jewish Man Gift Ideas

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It’s his birthday? It’s father’s day? Yom Tov is around the corner? Or maybe just because you want to show him some love. Below is a list of original gift ideas from small Jewish businesses that we love to support. 

Membership to a Wine Club
If he’s a wine enthusiast you can sign him up to receive curated wines each month with’s wine club. They cater it to his preferences and if you enjoy wine too it’s a gift you both can enjoy. They are great about sending new releases and the good ole classics. Membership’s start  

Personalized Leather Talis Bag
If you are looking for something unique yet extremely functional, consider Aliza’s custom leather creations. Each of her talis bags are one-of-a-kind work of art. She can design for anyone’s taste whether super trendy to a classic and traditional look. Her other creations include megilla cases for Purim, afikoman bags for Pesach and lulav cases for Sukkos. 

Zalman Leiber’s Custom Suits and Kapotas
Spoil your man with a home visit from a tailor, mixing old-world class with new styles and fits, Zalman can come to your husband’s home or office (if you are in the NY area) to take measurements and discuss fits and embroidery fabrics/designs.  

Personalized Shtender
Create the special corner for him to connect and learn with a beautiful, hand-made shtender from shtender-by-design. They have different designs and stains so not only is it functional, but looks like a beautiful piece of furniture – the perfect addition to the Jewish home. 

Weber Charcoal BBQ Smoker
Food enthusiast? Or maybe you are a food enthusiast and are looking for ways to inspire him to take up a new hobby that involves him feeding you. A smoker is a great way for him and friends to get together and enjoy the outdoors. When shopping for appliances, Town Appliance not only beats the mainstream retainers, but their customer service is par non! Check out their delivery options in the tri-state area. 

Personal Trainer
Get your man in shape, motivated and healthy (because a long life until 120 is what this is really about). Now with work going remote, trainers can be accessed from all over the country and brought via ZOOM into your own home to provide an individualized and personal regime.  Health is a gift that keeps on giving!

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